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If you’ve joined us for one of our programmes, it’s highly likely you’ll have interacted with Eugenia in one way or another. Eugenia is our Student Experience Manager and is across our student enrolments with incredible detail and knowledge. She guides our learners through the enrolment process, making sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed, and that they’re prepared to start their learning journey when day one rolls around.

As part of her role Eugenia also takes care of student administration and reporting to our funding body, some very important work to keep our stakeholders updated. She also drives awareness for external funding opportunities for our learners, showcasing our teaching and learning strategy of Te Ara Kōtihi and always putting our learner at the centre.

Originally hailing from Ukraine, Eugenia has a PhD in Sociology from her home country, as well as a Diploma in Business Productivity/Sustainability which she studied here in New Zealand. This combination shows why she’s the perfect person to handle this important part of the learner journey.

Eugenia believes the trend of the future is blockchain, and if she could meet anyone it would be Margaret Thatcher. Thinking back on her achievements so far, her 15 minutes of fame is aligned to the completion of her thesis, which was based on the conceptualisation of subjectness in the sociological theory of social action. Definitely sounds like an intriguing piece of research!

“It’s my life” by Bon Jovi is Eugenia’s life anthem, and her superpower is without a doubt her speedy and efficient work – which is showcased in the sheer amount of learners she’s reaching out to and supporting each and every day. She’s a steady and meticulous member of The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab whānau, who always has the answer to any question relating to enrolments on hand, and can be trusted to get all our learners ready to begin their journey with us.

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