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With a secret power of dog whispering, it’s no wonder that Emily has chosen Nelson as her home base. The wide open spaces are a beautiful contrast to her highly detail driven role as UX/UI designer for Digital Boost.

As UX/UI designer, Emily is responsible for undertaking much of the research, strategy, design and testing of digital products, as well as overseeing the user experience design for Checkable. 

From studying a shared Bachelor of Commerce and Arts through the University of Otago, to developing her skills through project management and brand identity development, Emily is one smart cookie. 

When asked about the future, Emily sees a user-centred design. “Our users are our future (whether that's students, parents, bankers, bakers, candlestick makers etc), so it's essential that their needs and goals are at the heart of everything we create, for us all to thrive.”

If given the opportunity to meet a historical figure, she would relish the chance to sit with Leonardo da Vinci, the original polymath. “His curiosity of the world - and art and inventions born out of it - boggles my tiny mind.”
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