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Clare Edgar is our skilled programme coordinator supporting both the Postgraduate Certificate in Digital and Collaborative learning and The Master of Contemporary Education programmes at The Mind Lab. With expertise in a range of different avenues including customer service, administration and management as well as coordinating practicums for ITE programmes - Clare is incredibly well versed and knowledgeable in her field.

She has a Bachelor of Arts which she obtained from the University of Auckland and believes that in the world of education, the use of digital platforms is an important future trend that we should be paying attention to. She has observed over the last few years, we've seen the growing potential for flexible learning and accessibility but on the other hand been given a front row seat to the exasperating existing inequalities and barriers to access that people face. Finding the balance within this needs to be a priority before we can truly move toward a completely digital future.

Clare's 15 minutes of fame is that she came second in a national short story competition in high school and she is quite skilled at making towers out of dried spaghetti and marshmallows - which we're sure will come in handy one day. We are grateful to have Clare as part of our team at The Mind Lab and hope she knows our excitement to have her on the team is equal to how excited she is to help our tauira get the most out of our programmes.

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