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It takes a special individual to master the Digital Product Manager role for Digital Boost,

and lucky for us Charles is just that. With a masters in Communications from Auckland University of Technology, Charles is well-equipped to handle the many complexities of a multi-faceted role.

While his day-to-day varies, you will most often find him focusing on maintenance, development, and user needs across the many Digital Boost products and projects. 

When asked to envision the future, Charles believes that virtual teams will be at the forefront of our communications. “I think we will become more digitally connected while becoming socially disconnected. In a way where you are connected and able to talk to more people all the time, but you see fewer people and interact with fewer people in a face-to-face setting.”

If given the chance to meet a historical figure, it’s a tie between Lao Tzu and Kenrick Lamar, as both have had an impact on who Charles is today. He likens his life to The Hunger Games, in that he is perpetually hungry. This lends to his chosen superpower of teleportation. Having the ability to teleport instead of waiting on planes or in traffic would definitely solve the problem of hunger, perhaps he’s on to something here!