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Brendon Shaw

Brendon's academic journey recently culminated in a Master's degree in Contemporary Education, where he focused on Place-Based Pedagogy. This project allowed Brendon to explore the intricate links between education, environment, and cultural identity, reinforcing his belief in the power of contextually rooted learning experiences.

Currently, Brendon's academic focus is directed toward the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Education. This rapidly evolving field promises a revolution in how we approach learning and teaching. Brendon's research primarily focuses on understanding the impact of AI on educational practices and outcomes.

A key area of interest for Brendon is leveraging AI to enhance indigenous education and protect data sovereignty. He is deeply committed to examining how AI can be ethically and effectively integrated into indigenous educational frameworks, ensuring these technologies respect and uphold the unique cultural, social, and linguistic attributes of indigenous communities.

As Brendon continues on this path, he looks forward to collaborating with like-minded professionals, researchers, and institutions. His goal is to contribute to a future where AI not only propels educational methodologies but does so respecting and celebrating cultural diversity and autonomy.