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Anzel seems wise beyond his years. Perhaps it's the empathetic approach he applies to whatever he does, but a conversation with Anzel makes you very hopeful for the future.His journey to Tech Futures Lab and into technology itself is one of being open to opportunities. Passionate about emerging and disruptive technologies now, Anzel started out on an altogether different pathway, studying Biological Science and Psychology with the intent of becoming an audiologist.
But a summer stint on Auckland University’s CIE Summer Lab programme set him on a course to become an entrepreneur and innovator in the disruptive technologies space.

As the Innovation Coordinator at Tech Futures Lab, Anzel's role has a wide reaching remit. 

He’s involved with all programmes at Tech Futures Lab in different capacities: as a content developer and presenter on the postgraduate programmes; a co-creator on the Disruptive Technologies Micro-credential and co-facilitator on the Product Management short course. He’s also involved in designing accelerator and leadership programmes in the Corporate Innovation arm of Tech Futures Lab.

Creating and facilitating content for professionals that generates ideas and curiosity is his jam. Anzel believes everyone needs to explore and understand what the future of work holds so they learn skills that allow them to be malleable for whatever comes their way.

And if that’s not enough, Anzel also shares his journey on TFL programmes as a co-founder and CEO of startup ‘Socius XR’ - an experiential platform under development that plans to use Virtual Reality (VR) as a tool to create more inclusive workplaces. Anzel is a big believer in community and support networks, so recognises how important it is to share his experience.

That community aspect is what Anzel believes the future will celebrate more of - where entrepreneurship will be woven into society, creating an influx of creative thinkers and inventors across all ages and from all backgrounds, working together to create countless tech solutions that keep changing and adapting our way of learning, working and living.

How he balances his work with Tech Futures Lab and his development of Socius XR is a mystery. But he does everything like that’s the only thing he’s focused on. An unbounded commitment to make a difference seems to be the secret to his energy. 

Academic achievements

  • The University of Auckland

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Science: Biological Sciences 

  • Bachelor of Science: Psychology and Biological Sciences

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