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Anna brings her extensive background in education to our Master of Contemporary Education team, through her role as a postgraduate director. Her experience covers being a primary school teacher, a teacher educator, a researcher, an advisor, a mentor and a supervisor – safe to say she’s incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the world of learning.

As part of our Masters team, she facilitates the programme, supports students with any academic or pastoral care assistance they may need, including any guidance with academic writing. Anna is interested in research around how ākonga of all ages learn, changes in teaching and learning, and narratives, which her experience can definitely help her tap into. When it comes to her teaching she’s interested in contemporary teaching issues and literacy.

Anna’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts in History and Geography and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in History, both from University of Canterbury. She also has a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary) from the Christchurch College of Education, and a Master in Education from the University of Canterbury.

When considering how we navigate the future, Anna believes it lies in education. Specifically in how we prepare the next generation for the challenges and opportunities coming their way. She is also closely watching the impact AI will have with interest, and can see the many avenues this can stretch into.

Anna’s superpowers are vast, no doubt stemming from the fact that she’s a working mum with three kids, which constantly keeps her on her toes. In a matter of seconds she can locate a missing item that others in the household have spent hours looking for. She is an expert problem solver, she can open screw top jars that others claim must be glued shut, she devours books at extreme speeds, she slows down any queue she joins and she bakes – especially extra special birthday cakes! Many of these multi-tasking, problem solving and creative thinking skills are incredibly helpful in her role at The Mind Lab, alongside her kind and friendly nature she’s a great asset to our whānau.