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Dr. Allanah Johnston

Dr Allanah Johnston joined academyEX in January 2023 to lead the Master of Change and Organisational Resilience programme.

Allanah Johnston is our Lead for the Master of Organisational Change and Resilience Programme also known as MCOR. Areas of research and teaching that particularly interest Allanah include change management, leadership, innovation and sustainability.

She has studied in both Australia and New Zealand obtaining a Doctor of Philosophy from The University of Queensland alongside a Master of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts from The University of Auckland. Allanah has also published many journal articles including Reclaiming authentic selves: Control, resistive humour and identity work in the office and Being branded by the business school to name a few.

For the future of business and education, she believes that sustainable practices, the integration of technology to enhance human experience and diversity in leadership are three key operations that need to take place if we are to move into the future smoothly. If Allanah could meet any historical figure both Boudica and Josephine Butler come to mind - but also she'd love to sit down and chat with anyone who has stood up for the rights of others and made a real change for others.

She is a complete go-getter and will give anything a try at least once (within reason), which is why we're so excited to have Allanah on the team to lead and guide the students on their learning journey with the MCOR programme.