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Insights and Action Meetup:
Journeying into the Future of Code

Join us for an electrifying Insights and Action meetup where you'll gain insights into the future of code and experience the challenge of analogue technology by collaboratively building an electric-powered car! 

Just a heads-up: these meetups are open to current students, alumni, and staff. And hey, if you're not part of our community but want to join, check out the registration form for more info!

Held in person at the academyEX HQ in Grafton, Auckland. 4:30pm - 6:00pm, with networking afterwards.

Insights and Action Meetup: Journeying into the Future of Code

Insights and Action Meetup

What to expect

Hands-on fun: Experience the thrill of collaborative problem-solving as we tackle challenges like vague requirements, tight timeframes, and complex interactions. This activity is perfect for both seasoned techies and curious minds of all ages. Tamariki are welcome to join us for some family-friendly fun!

A Journey into the Future of Code: Dr. Dave, a software development veteran with three decades of expertise, will lead a discussion on the future of programming. Explore how technology is reshaping the software landscape and what it means for programmers, organizations, and end-users.

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