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Sophie is a person who is both focused and passionate about the numbers. Whether it's figuring them out, conquering them or putting them in the right place - she has got you covered. Sophie has a masters in Data Science from the University of Sydney and has a Bachelor of Science/Commerce from Australian National University where she majored in mathematics, physics and finance.

The vastness of the big wide universe is something that Sophie finds herself thinking about, with the song 'Lost Stars' by Adam Levine being one of the soundtracks to her life. An interest in stars, galaxies and the universe is held close to her heart - with a minor in astronomy under her belt as well. When looking towards the future and what is ahead for us as humans in a boundless universe, Sophie turns her attention towards AI and the way it can benefit us; but acknowledges the human brain is irreplaceable. She believes AI will take over much of the repetitive work we focus on but knows that both the creativity and emotions that humans harness is nearly impossible to replicate.

A positive attitude is something that means a lot to Sophie and she takes the importance of it with everything she does. She believes that the power of optimism, unlimited self-belief and stress handling skills are key for a full and satisfied life.

Sophie is a wonderful addition to the academyEX team and we're lucky to have her on board to help us in all things numbers, data and analysis. We can't wait to see what she has in store for us and the ways in which she can help strengthen our team.