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As both International Business expert and self-proclaimed "Vegetable Van Gogh" of backyard barbecues, Kary Zhang is full of surprises.

As Assistant International Marketing Manager, she's an all-round marketing whizz with experience in digital transformation, operation management and HR. In her day-to-day, you'll likely find Kary executing marketing plans to target Chinese audiences, generating leads with the goal of converting them into enrolments, and contributing to the shaping of innovative marketing plans for the upcoming year.

Graduating with a Postgraduate of Human Potential in the digital economy and Micro-Credential of Digital Skills for the workplace from academyEX, Kary is a keen learner with an interest in AI, which she says has the potential to revolutionise how we educate, conduct business, and leverage technology. It's not just an interest either… Kary has the ability to coax complex AI systems to reveal their secrets, and says it's as easy as having a chat with a friend.

If she were to describe her life, it would be a dynamic mix of the film The Pursuit of Happiness, with songs A Hard Day's Night by The Beatles and Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay, encompassing the continuous quest for contentment, the hustle of daily responsibilities, and the thrilling adventures that unfold along the way.

But what makes Kary the Van Gogh of vegetables? At a neighbourhood barbeque she once turned up with veggie burgers, expecting to be the odd one out. To her astonishment, the homemade beetroot-and-quinoa patties stole the show! There were photos, applause, and she was given a surprise award for being the "Most Innovative Grill Master".