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Meet Jason O'Connor, our Head of People & Culture. Jason's primary focus is co-creating empowering and engaging experiences that support our team to thrive and deliver impact.

An integral part of his role is ensuring that our practices and environments reflect our deeply-held values of pono, manaaki, rangatiratanga, and ako, and that we stay firmly connected to them in all aspects of our work.
With a solid background in coaching, design thinking, and change management, Jason brings a wealth of expertise in human resources and organisational development to our people and culture mahi.

Jason is a lifelong learner, driven by a relentless curiosity. Currently pursuing studies in psychology and Māori studies, he continuously seeks to understand the underlying forces that shape individuals and organisations, valuing diverse systems of knowledge and worldviews.

During his downtime, you'll find Jason enjoying his favorite hobbies. Whether he's immersing himself in captivating films, strumming his guitar, enjoying theatre and live music, or embracing the beauty of the great outdoors, he finds solace and inspiration in the arts and the wonders of our natural environment. Growing up in Raglan, the West Coast beaches hold a special place in his heart, making them his preferred destination for road trips.