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As our learning takes place primarily online, it’s vital that we have a top-notch digital team backing everything we do, and Henry is one of the key members of that team. In his role as digital product lead he is responsible for supporting all of our digital endeavours, whether that be how we manage our learner data, how we connect with learners in the online space, and all the systems and processes that back up our workstreams. 

With a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Otago, Henry comes to us with a background in e-commerce and web app project management (think many moving parts and navigating complex user experiences from start to finish). He loves learning and taking on new challenges, which he’ll no doubt get a tonne of at The Mind Lab. His experience also includes his own 3D printing company, building guitars for 3 years, and being a guide for Tour de France tours… pretty broad!

When looking at the future trends for education, business and technology, Henry can sum it up in one word: sustainability. Through his ranging experience he can see the strength in building systems and processes that take environmental, economic and cultural sustainability into account.

If Henry could meet anyone for a yarn it would be David Attenborough (may he live forever), and I’m sure Sir Attenborough would be interested in many of Henry’s experiences too. His 15 minutes of fame was being the Manager of the New Zealand Mini Golf team, such an honour! When describing his life through a film it would be ‘Into the Wild’ which, if you haven’t seen it, follows the true story of a young man who hikes across North America and into the Alaskan wilderness for a complete life change.

When describing his superpower, Henry claims he is a jack of trades but a master of none, however we know very well this is an incredible super power and is definitely highly useful in a constantly evolving organisation like ours!