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Georgia Hatzis is our dedicated Partnership & Events Lead. From conceptualisation to implementation, Georgia ensures every Digital Boost event is implemented with purpose and impact, reflecting the platform's commitment to bring value to Aotearoa’s diverse community of SMEs.

Georgia’s strengths lie in team leadership, vendor collaboration, and resource management. After graduating with an MFA in Theatre from Harvard University and MXAT, Georgia went on to gain years of on-camera experience alongside a knack for strategic and seamless event planning and execution.

When it comes to moments of fame, Georgia has two; she once performed Shakespeare in front of an audience of 10,000 on the Boston Common, but was also recently recognised by Barbara in Wellington who yelled, "YOU'RE THE DIGITAL BOOST LADY! I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!" - it’s hard to say which is more impressive.

If Georgia’s life could be described in a single film, it would be Everything Everywhere All At Once, in which the main character connects with different versions of herself in a parallel universe to stop evil from harming the multiverse.