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Impossible doesn’t seem to be a word in Fiona’s vocab. As someone who loves a problem that needs solving, Fiona is steadfast that there is always a way and barriers are there to be overcome. This strength to keep pushing and exploring is ideally suited to her role as Programmes Lead.

Fiona has long been involved in people, change and learning. A large part of her career has been in and around education, which has developed her passion to shift learning and development from the traditional expert-led model to one that is co-created, applied and supported by technology. She believes a more democratised learning model invites people to build skills that then encourage continued self-directed, life-long learning.

Before joining Tech Futures Lab as the Programmes Lead, Fiona’s path crossed with the organisation a number of times. First at Unitec, when there was a partnership with The Mind Lab, then as a student on The Mind Lab’s Digital Skills for the Workplace micro-credential. And finally, Fiona has recently completed the Postgraduate Certificate Human Potential for the Digital Economy.  Her experience as a learner is invaluable as she now leads the design of the delivery of the postgraduate programmes - and she’s excited that everyday there’s opportunity to create the best possible experience for our learners.

Looking to the future is something Fiona does as part of her role but it's also in her nature. A self-confessed ideas person, she can see that what’s key for a thriving future is digital inclusion and that can be achieved through flexible, accessible and equitable education.

As much as Fiona looks forward, she is also mindful of where she’s come from. If nothing really was impossible, she’d get all her maternal line together for one day to chat about how and why they each ended up where they did - and thank them for being. She’s very aware that she stands on the shoulders of those who have come before. A beautiful idea.

Academic achievements:

• Postgraduate Certificate Human Potential for the Digital Economy (Tech Futures Lab)

• Micro-credential Digital Skills for the Workplace (Tech Futures Lab)

• Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) Management & Employment Relations / International Business (University of Auckland)

• Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Field Of StudyEnglish / Political Studies (University of Auckland)

• Graduate Diploma in Arts Field Of StudyPsychology (University of Auckland)

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