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EXplore AI in Virtual Worlds

Join us at our next EXplore session as we dive into the captivating world of AI and gaming, recently spotlighted as a powerhouse industry in New Zealand during Techweek. In a world where AI's impact on the creative industries is profound and its creative capacity is rapidly expanding, it's time we make room for a crucial conversation about the ethical dimensions shaking up this digital terrain.

Who can join? This event is open to everyone interested in AI and gaming. All proceeds from your registration will go directly to Kindness Collective, a charity we're proud to support.

Event location: Online over Zoom

Event date & time: 12th June, 12:00pm - 1:30pm

$15inc GST
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EXplore - AI for Games

What to expect

Our panel of experts, each brimming with unique insights, will take us through a thought-provoking exploration of the ethical dimensions within this digital revolution. We
live in an age where AI is reshaping everything, including the rules of play. But as we step into these new virtual territories, we must ask ourselves, "Are the games designed by artificial intelligence the games we want the future to play?"

This discussion is essential, not just for game developers or AI enthusiasts but also for players, educators, and anyone invested in the ethical dimensions of technology's rapid advancement.

So, are you up for a conversation that might redefine how we see ethics and AI in gaming? Given the immense potential and extraordinary transformations in AI, engaging in these discussions is not only timely but essential.

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Sam Ramlu

Sam Ramlu is the innovative founder and managing director of Method, Mad Carnival, and Mighty Eyes. With a rich professional journey spanning over 20 years in the creative tech space, she has constantly demonstrated her skill and strength as a strategist and leader. Sam's passion for crafting experiences and stories that touch audiences sets her apart, and she firmly believes in harnessing technology to make these experiences more engaging, immersive and enjoyable. Her experience includes successfully planning and executing a variety of digital and integrated campaigns for several leading brands in New Zealand and globally.

Sam Ramlu

Rio Hemopo-Hunuki

Rio Hemopo-Hunuki is a renowned musician with a career spanning over two decades, marked by contributions to significant New Zealand creative projects. His diverse repertoire includes album recordings, tours, film scores, and sound design, among others. Rio also invests in future talent through the New Zealand Music Commission's mentoring program, while maintaining an active presence in live performances. Extending his reach beyond music, Rio is the founder and creative director of Koi Digital Limited. This start-up merges digital technologies and gaming to develop educational resources for indigenous communities, reflecting Rio's commitment to fostering education and preserving cultural heritage.


Alex Coaton

Alex Coaton is a seasoned mobile game developer with a strong focus on leadership, facilitation, and team development. His experience, coupled with his keen interest in mentoring, has led him on a dynamic freelance journey in game development, teaching, and mentoring across related industries. Having served as a teaching team lead at Dev Academy, Alex is no stranger to content creation and navigating the relational aspects that accompany teaching. His background also includes being a game developer at King, a leading gaming company based in the UK, where he made contributions as a mobile game developer, primarily working on large-scale casual production games.


Dr. Roy Davies

Dr. Roy Davies is a Virtual Reality (VR) specialist with a robust background in research and real-world applications. With roots in establishing one of Europe's first VR research centres at Lund University, Roy has led significant projects in New Zealand, including Nextspace, a ground-breaking NZ government initiative, and Imersia, a start-up blending mixed reality with mobile devices. He is also the Founding Developer of Reality2. Roy bridges academic research and commercial needs, bringing valuable insights from each sector to the other. Currently, as an industry advisor at academyEX, he continues to influence both the industry and its educational landscape.

Roy Davies