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December Deep Dive:
Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, Futures Thinking 101

Are you curious about shaping a future that is both sustainable and equitable?

Join Jade Tang-Taylor in this immersive lunchtime learning session that will empower you to navigate complexity and envision positive change through the lenses of design thinking, systems thinking, and futures thinking.

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What to expect

Design Thinking for Community Innovation: Uncover the principles of design thinking and learn how to craft user-centric solutions that resonate with real needs. Through empathy, ideation, prototyping, and iteration, discover how design thinking sparks creative problem-solving.

Systems Thinking for Holistic Understanding: Explore the interconnected web of systems that influence our world. Gain insights into the relationships, feedback loops, and unintended consequences that shape complex issues, and discover how systems thinking can reveal pathways to impactful change.

Futures Thinking for Strategic Foresight: Anticipate and design for future possibilities by embracing futures thinking. Learn how to identify trends, uncertainties, and potential scenarios to make informed decisions that shape a more resilient and adaptable future.

This workshop welcomes change-makers, innovators, strategists, and dreamers who are passionate about shaping a brighter future. Whether you’re from the private sector, civil society, academia, or government, this workshop offers fresh perspectives and strategies to drive positive change.