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30 Jun, 2022 - 30 min read

The Impact Series - Ethics, Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare

In this episode of the Impact Series: Tim hits the sensitive nerve of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare and the ethical frameworks needed. Touted as a tool to bring a range of access, diagnostic and management benefits for societal health, it also has pitfalls we must be hyper-aware of. To gain this view, we need to reduce AI down to its foundations; the rules, the patterns, the data, and therefore, the ethics that support those footings.

Host Tim Gander talks with Clinical Director at CareHQ Dr. Reza Jarral, who through his Master of Technological Futures research project identified the ethical parameters of current use cases of AI in healthcare, and highlighted the areas that require significantly more research and critical discussion in relation to the ethical application. National Academic Director for Tech Futures Lab and The Mind Lab, Craig Hilton, joins the discussion to bring an experienced perspective in genomics and biochemistry. This conversation is important to have.

Because there are inherent repercussions if we leave the decision-making and discussion to the development labs and boardrooms around the world. The use of AI runs the risk of facilitating another era of colonisation, this time in the digital space. So join in as we invest discussion into what artificial intelligence offers. Tim, Reza, and Craig uncover the foundations that current AI use cases are built on and scratch the surface of what needs more rigor, more open conversation, and wider contribution. Because AI is not going away.

Learn more about the organisation’s Reza is involved with: CareHQ, Syndi, and Decoded Health. Explore more about the working groups Reza is contributing to the WHO Ai4Health Focus Group and the IEEE-7010 Standard.

Read Sara Stratton’s contribution to the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Ai for Humanity. Learn more about the Ada healthcare app Tim talked about using.

Check out Gattaca, the dystopian film Reza makes mention of.

Find out more about Tech Futures Lab’s Master of Technological Futures.

Production credits: Interview by Tim Gander, content development by Anna Reid, editing, post-production, graphic design, and project management by Marcelle Domingo from Tech Futures Lab.