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Kellianne is our organisation-extraordinaire, responsible for making sure that our Te Ara Kōtihi values are upheld through maintaining high academic standards across The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab. She supports the National Academic Director and National Academic Manager to ensure academic quality across all of our programmes, and is a key driver across multiple projects, including graduation.

Her role extends from reviewing academic standards, communications, assessment updates and operations for all current intakes, learning management for upcoming intakes, and everything else in between. She works across multiple teams to keep everyone in the loop, and ensures all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed, particularly from an academic point of view. Kellianne is also an active member of the Te Ara Kōtihi Working Group, helping us focus on always putting learners at the centre of everything we do and continuing to improve our programmes.

When looking at future trends, Kellianne believes our way forward is decolonisation of New Zealand education, combined with business and technology and all of the innovation these can bring. She is also passionate about gender and racial equality, something she embraces and encourages for all learners at The Mind Lab that she comes across.

Not only is Kellianne’s role at The Mind Lab varied and jam-packed, but so is her general knowledge. A keen learner, particularly about obscure historical events and people, Kellianne often goes down rabbit-holes of information, and is possibly the team member you want on side for a pub quiz. She’s also the kind of person who will take on a new hobby with an almost obsessive nature, proving this in our recent organisation-wide knitting challenge. While we all slowly bungled out single squares, Kellianne was rocking an entire multi-coloured scarf…

With a Bachelor or Arts, English Language and Literature from the University of Auckland, a particular interest in English History from 1066 to Restoration, and a desire to one day meet Sacagewea, Kellianne will always manage to surprise you. She describes herself with the film title ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ and acknowledges her super reading speed as one of the ways she can take in and obtain so much information.

At The Mind Lab we appreciate both her extreme organisation and project management skills, and her vast historical knowledge – knowing that if we have a question about a programme, or the royal family from 500 years ago, she’ll have the answer.

Academic achievements:

  • Bachelor or Arts, English Language and Literature from the University of Auckland

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