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Dor Kayes

Dor is a facilitator for our popular Master of Contemporary Education, and her role extends to so much more than just running online sessions.

She collaborates with her wider team to create the design and delivery of the content, and also supports the candidates as they go through the programme itself.

This help extends through presentations, research, practical work, and so much more, as the Masters requires a range of different aspects and skill development. As part of her role, Dor gives support to Māori and Pasifika candidates in order to help them achieve success and build capacity. This role extends to helping us, as The Mind Lab, deliver more culturally responsive programmes, which is a goal for us across the organisation. Dor believes Talanoa (a conversation, a talk, an exchange of ideas or thinking, whether formal or informal) is the foundation for us all to connect. She helps drive this in our regular ManaakiFono sessions where we openly discuss learning and support our students. Dor has also stepped into the role as chair for our Te Ara Kōtihi Working Group, which helps drive our organisation-wide strategy that puts the learner at the centre of everything we do. This working group puts in place initiatives that enable us all to work to the same goals, and keeps us accountable to the objectives we’ve set. With a Bachelor in Teaching and a Master in Philosophy – Science Education, Dor is a patient and knowledgeable member of The Mind Lab whānau. Her kindness and calm nature helps both those in her team, the other teams she works with, and our learners, have the confidence and reassurance to take on each new challenge. Proud of her Samoan heritage, Dor is developing her linguistic skills in being fluent in gagana Samoan. Her superpower is having a twin sister, who likes everything she does, and we think that having double of Dor can only be a good thing!

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