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Question 3 Level 2 - Digital Devices

Which of the following activities would be best accomplished using a Smartphone?

  1. Writing an essay

  2. Creating a 3D virtual painting

  3. Exploring outdoor locations using GPS

  4. Watching a movie

C is correct

It would be difficult to write an entire essay on a smartphone because the screen and keyboard are small. 

Creating a 3D virtual painting on a smartphone would be difficult because the screen is small, and it is hard to design with your finger. Finding a suitable app might also be a challenge. 

Watching a movie on a bigger screen is much more enjoyable than on a smartphone, though of course many people do watch movies on their smartphones. 

A smartphone is ideal for exploring outdoor locations using GPS because they are easy to carry around and can access the internet without WiFi by using data from telecoms networks. Most importantly, Smartphones usually have a GPS receiver built in.