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Question 11 Level 5 - Digital Data

Choosing data types
Different data types are used to store different kinds of information in digital systems. Match each of the following data types to one type of information

A. character string
B. floating point number
C. integer number
D. Boolean value (true/false)

1. Someone's family name
2. Whether or not a student has submitted an assignment
3. The cost of a pack of batteries
4. How many students are in a class

The correct matches are
A1 - a character string is used for words or collections of words.
B3 - a floating point number is for any number that may need to have digits after the decimal point. For the cost of something, dollars would come before the decimal point and cents after.
C4 - counting the number of students would always be a whole number, so an integer value is correct (no need for values after the decimal point).
D2 - Boolean values are very helpful where something can be either true or false, such as whether an assignment has been submitted or not.