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Activity 5 Level 4 - Technology and Society

Create a Digital Timeline or Mind Map

There are many digital tools that you can use to create timelines or mind maps. Choose one of these and create a timeline/mind map that shows how a particular digital technology has developed over time.

Collaborative mind mapping tools that you could use include Mindomo, Coggle and while Timeline tools include TimeToast and Time.Graphics but there are plenty of other options to choose from.

When using these tools in the classroom, rather than just creating a timeline or mind map once and then forgetting about it, use these tools to develop an overview of a particular study topic over a period of time; use the tool as a memory/ reinforcement aid.

Each time work is done on that particular topic, update your mind map / timeline with new, modified and/or rearranged concepts / events, optionally supported by images, documents, links etc.