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Activity 4 Level 3 - Control Structures


Write a sequence of code instructions using Scratch. You can create some music, or get two Sprites to have a conversation!

For example, you could have two sprites sharing a joke:

Scratch: Horse tells Octopus a joke

The conversation might go something like this:

One way of setting up a conversation between two sprites is to use the 'broadcast' block for one sprite.

Scratch: Knock knock

The other sprite can respond to receiving that broadcast and then respond with its own broadcast.

Scratch: Who's there

The trick when coding more than one sprite is that you have to add the extra sprites, then the one you are currently clicked on is the one that the code applies to. You can see in the screen grab below that there are two sprites - horse and octopus - and that the horse is currently selected, so we only see the code blocks that apply to the horse. Clicking the small box on the right containing the octopus sprite will switch to the code blocks for the octopus.

Scratch: Switching code blocks

If you need some clues about how to put the code together, you can find an example at

Creating a sequence of musical notes is a bit easier. You will need to add the Music extension to Scratch (by clicking on the blue block at the bottom of the tool bar),

Scratch: Music extension

Then you can add music blocks in the appropriate sequence. This example plays the first part of Pūrerehua

Scratch: Pūrerehua

You can find this example in the following Scratch project: