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Activity 3 Level 2 - Digital Devices

Developing and Sharing Digital Content - Infographics and Video

Create an infographic using an appropriate digital tool. Options for creating infographics include Canva, and Piktochart (among others).

Your infographic should be targeted at a specific audience, for example, it might cover aspects of a classroom project to be shared with parents on the school’s website or social media page.

As a class, before creating your own infographic, you should collaboratively decide who your end users will be, and which content you want to create infographics about. Then you should decide what complementary topics should be covered by each infographic before dividing into teams to create your individual digital content.

When your infographic is complete, film and edit a video that explains the content of the infographic. To do this you could use a screencasting tool like Screencast-O-Matic

When done, share either or both of these products on a digital platform.