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Activity 10 Level 5 - Application Design

Creating Content

This activity is based around students creating digital content for an event where members of the wider community would be coming to the school. This could, for example, be a parents’ evening, a sports day, a market, an open day, a conference or any other event where there needs to be clear and useful information communicated to non-school members.

Depending on the nature and scale of the event, the following steps might vary, but should serve as a starting point for planning the student work:

  1. The details of the event need to be captured and recorded. This requires students to identify stakeholders, identify the best means of communicating with them (email, social media, messaging etc.), decide a process for undertaking this communication and how to capture, and how to record the necessary information.

  2. Students would need to consider the options for applications that could be used to record and analyse the gathered information, for example shared documents, shared spreadsheets, survey forms, online maps, shared calendars, and planning tools (e.g. Trello).

  3. Students would need to identify the various digital artefacts that would need to be created for the event. These would include pre-event content (e.g., online notices, web pages, batch emails, social media posts, online schedules etc.), content to be created during the event (e.g., photos, videos, slide presentations etc.) and content to be created afterwards (e.g., summary reports, edited videos, online photo albums etc.).

  4. Students would need to consider what digital material might need to be stored and/or available in the longer term and how that could be provided and managed.