The Ultimate Learning Bundle

Looking for regular bite-sized insights and aspiration? Look no further than the Ultimate Learning Bundle. Pay in advance and reap the rewards of becoming a more informed you.

NZ$480inc GST
The Ultimate Learning Bundle


What you will receive?

  • Access to 4 consecutive quarterly briefings ( Feb, May, Aug, Nov each year) - note these can span calendar years depending on the sign up date

  • Access to 8 Deep Dive online sessions into a highly topical talk by a subject-matter expert. Topics covered in 2023 include Everything Breaks at Scale, Sustainability in action, the Ethics of AI adoption, How changing demographics paint an entirely new world, How legit is crypto as a game changing asset? New economic models changing citizen rights, Cultural misappropriation, Did someone say Twitch? How computer games are redefining ‘community’, The future of sport.

Quarterly briefings

Friday 12th May - 9am NZT Friday 11th August - 9am NZT

Friday 10th November - 9am NZT

February 2024 - Date to be announced

Deep Dives

Wednesday 22th March 1pm - 2pm NZT

Wednesday 19th April 1pm - 2pm NZT

Wednesday 21th June 1pm - 2pm NZT

Wednesday 19th July 1pm - 2pm NZT

Wednesday 20th September 1pm - 2pm NZT

Wednesday 25th October 1pm - 2pm NZT

Wednesday 20th December 1pm - 2pm NZT

Wednesday 24th January 1pm - 2pm NZT

Note - Access to video recordings of the above Deep Dive sessions will be provided to all subscribers after the event for a period of 30 days post event.