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EXperience Challenge:
The Great Bin Revolution!

Ever battled a smelly bin, wrestled with a disintegrating liner, or trekked loaded with heavy food scraps? You're not alone. It's time to turn the table on this universal dilemma with a dash of tech and heaps of imagination. Join us for our EXperience Challenge in May!

Where: academyEX HQ in Grafton, Auckland

When: 8th May from 5.30pm - 7.30pm. Networking and refreshments available from 5:00pm.

Who can join: We're inviting everyone!

The challenge: As part of a team, design a smart, odour-busting solution for traditional food scraps bins. Guided by our Challenge Coach, you'll pitch your concepts. The best solution wins, offering a fun way to hone skills and spark creativity!

The prize: The winning team gets fame, eco-friendly prizes, and a notch added to their CV. Not to mention, a fun and enriching addition to their academyEX journey. So fireup your creative engines and join us in changing the world, one bin at a time!

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EXperience: Green Prints

The great bin revolution!

A challenge to put an end to the food scraps tragedy haunting the households of Auckland by harnessing the powers of AI and other emerging, disruptive, exponential technologies.,


It's time to roll up our sleeves and tackle those smelly, squishy food scraps bins that have turned our peaceful homes into a horror movie set. Let's put our heads together, harness the power of AI and digital/ physical technologies, and turn this messy situation into an epic tale of innovation and triumph.


The great rulers of Auckland bestowed upon us an initiative with golden intentions - to save food waste from the dragon of landfills and turn them into glorious energy and fertile fertiliser. But we've found ourselves in a pickle. The practicalities of this system have been like teaching a cat to swim - frustrating, wet, and a little bit stinky.

The Problem

Our valiant residents set forth on a noble quest to recycle their food scraps, armed with nothing but a bin and a compostable liner. But alas, their journey was fraught with peril, from putrid smells, to hordes of ants marching in defiance. Not to mention the heavyweight bins that have strained more backs than a gym workout gone wrong. And let's not forget about those mighty winds, tipping our small soldiers over and leaving the battlefield strewn with the remnants of last night's dinner.

What a Breakthrough Looks Like

We're scouting for a dream team ready to unleash the power of AI and digital tech to help us conquer the challenges of effective food scraps management.  Are you prepared to revolutionise our world, one bin at a time? Let's transform those tales of trash disaster into glorious epics of success, with the perfect mix of tech, sustainability, and a touch of humour.

The prize

The glory doesn't just end with solving the bin crisis. The victorious team will get:

  • be featured prominently on our website and across our social media platforms

  • an eco-friendly prize filled with sustainable goodies

  • a sweet addition to their CV. C'mon, how cool does "Won the Great Bin Revolution Challenge" sound?

Plus, consider it yet another grand experience to add to your academyEX journey.

So, let's get those brain gears grinding! See you there!

Kriv Naicker

Kriv is the Founder and Managing Director at Synaptec, Board Member and Chair of NZ IoT Alliance and Innovation Advisor at academyEX.

He will guide you through the process as you tackle the challenge ahead!

Kriv Naicker

Maheshi Wadasinghe

Maheshi is the Community Impact Lead at academyEX and is responsible for the curation of our EXplore and EXperience events.

Maheshi will ensure the smooth running of the event and assist where needed.

Maheshi WB