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Don’t Worry About The Robots:
Fireside Chat with Jo Cribb

Dive into the dynamic intersection of a global pandemic, AI, and the future of work in our upcoming event — celebrating the launch of the updated "Don't Worry About the Robots" book.

Join us for an insightful fireside chat with our founder, Frances Valintine, and author Dr Jo Cribb. Together, let's gain invaluable insights, embrace disruption, and shape fulfilling careers amidst rapid change.

Who can join? This free event is open to the public

Event location: academyEX HQ, Grafton, Auckland

Event date & time: Wednesday 26th June, 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Robots book launch

What to expect

COVID-19 and artificial intelligence are reshaping our workplaces and industries. In these uncertain times, navigating the future can seem formidable. However, we're here to assure you - it doesn't have to be.

We're thrilled to invite you to celebrate the launch of "Don't Worry About the Robots," an appropriately updated book by Dr. Jo Cribb and David Glover. This insightful read offers fresh perspectives on the evolving arena of work.

Join us at academyEX for a fireside chat featuring our founder, Frances Valintine, and author Jo Cribb, as they delve into key themes of the book and share innovative viewpoints on the future of work, uncover invaluable insights into how to thrive amid disruption, build resilience, and carve out a fulfilling career in a rapidly changing world.

Let's journey into the future of work together and empower ourselves to seize every opportunity it presents. We look forward to seeing you there!

Jo Cribb

Dr Jo Cribb is the former Chief Executive of the Ministry for Women and was the Deputy Children's Commissioner. She has a doctorate in public policy and lives in Wellington. In her timely book, Dr Cribb and David Glover share their insights and the diverse experiences of successful business leaders who are all actively thinking about the future of work.

Written for anyone whose job leaves them unchallenged and unfulfilled and thinking about career changes, or those of us worried about job security and our future employment prospects, as well as those starting work for the first time, this book provides inspiration, support and practical tools to change your working life.

Jo Cribb

Frances Valintine

Frances Valintine CNZM is a passionate educator and technologist who is focused on developing education opportunities that connect professionals to the knowledge they need to be successful in today’s rapidly advancing world. For 25 years she has been dedicated to shifting education and business practice to develop the capabilities, knowledge and mindset needed to respond to the future of work, changing societal expectations and the protection of the planet.

In her day to day role, she is the Founder of academyEX, a post-graduate institute focused on professional development and knowledge in the fields of technological advancement, education, sustainability and leadership.

Frances Valintine