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From Learning Management Systems to Education Content

academyEX is far more than a highly accoladed global tertiary education institute, we are also an education technology organisation that provides white-labelled learning management systems (LMS) and engaging learning content for business and government partners. Our LMS was developed so that companies, institutes and corporations could simply white-label or licence our learning platform thereby reducing cost, time to market and complexity.

Having developed multiple solutions for large entities from banks to energy companies as well as multiple government agencies, we know how to reduce the risk of building bespoke learning platforms and learning content.

We also offer organisations tailored corporate and innovation workshops and training options from a few hours to courses taught by experts over multiple weeks. Our Edtech partners team is headed by our Chief Technology Officer and Head of Engineering alongside a highly skilled team of developers, project managers, data experts and UI/UX specialists. This team works in conjunction with our instructional design and content development team, headed by our Head of Delivery. 

Once we have understood your needs and worked with you through a design sprint discovery process we then focus on the development of learning content designed to keep your learners, staff or customers engaged, connected and excited about learning.

Talk to us about developing an engaging course or a micro-credential, or the creation of education and learning videos, podcasts or instructional playlists. Whether we are creating your organisation specific detailed academic content or fun learning material for staff, we have a learning development team and solution to help you out.



What we can offer you


Innovation Workshops

From half day to full week workshops, our team of subject-matter experts can help your team to better understand the levers of change - from leadership to disruptive tech, sustainability to agilty


Corporate Training

We can provide face-to-face workshops working with leadership teams and boards through to large online cohorts of employees focused on impact, new technologies or customer service training


Learning Management System

Our learning management system (LMS) has been developed for maximium flexibility, security and simplicity. Whether you want to white-label or license our system we are here to help