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23 Mar, 2021 - 2 min read

Finding a balance

Sanjit Singh,  Project Billing Manager, Visionstream NZ Ltd

Master of Technological graduate: Gen 5, 2019.

Sanjit Singh had originally planned to complete an MBA through an overseas institute. Then life happened. A new job and a new baby meant an international MBA was out of the question.

“I work fulltime and have a young family. Having to put study on top of that was going to be challenging. I wanted to maintain work/life balance.”

In his role as Project Billing Manager for telecommunications firm, Visionstream NZ Ltd, Sanjit quickly identified a significant problem around his firm’s business intelligence.

It was the work challenge he’d been waiting for. Tech Futures Lab and the unparalleled flexibility of its Master's course offered the perfect solution. Sanjit says the experience was invaluable.

It was worth the investment simply for the access to data and information, because once you have that, you can tell where your business is going wrong. Then you can implement the right strategy and initiatives to be able to solve those issues.

Sanjit says the course advisors and experts opened his mind to new ways of looking at problems.

“When you’re operating within your own work environment you can come to a solution far too quickly. What I’ve learnt through my Master’s is to take time to unpack the problem and understand user requirements. That’s brought a big change to our business.”

His Master's goal was to devise a business intelligence and analytics solution for Visionstream; one that could efficiently collect, analyse and convert data into reports to provide valuable insights to the business.

“I’ve improved the way we manage business by bringing cloud hosted intelligence that can connect to various data sources. This allows the business to have access to a real time and on demand performance matrix.

“With my project I have started to master Microsoft Power BI solutions and have been able to train others in the business to improve efficiency by automating reports and lead process improvement initiatives using agile methodology.”

Sanjit has already seen a marked  improvement in overall staff engagement and received positive feedback from senior management.

“Now that my initial project is tracking well, my next project is to look at introducing automation to eliminate simple manual tasks. This will free up resources to focus on tasks that are more complex.”

He says Tech Futures Lab has enhanced his understanding of disruptive and emerging technology and most importantly, made it relevant.

“You hear it's all happening globally. But Tech Futures Lab localises the information. This course, and the people you have access to, offers a uniquely New Zealand perspective.”

“It puts you ahead of the game.”