Tessa is our big thinker. And like all good thinkers, she’s also a fabulous listener. Tessa won’t jump to conclusions, nor weigh in with her view until she’s taken in the landscape.

And that sort of character is just what we need in our Marketing Director. Tessa oversees all three of our organisations - The Mind Lab, Tech Futures Lab and Digital Boost. And the space these three sisters traverse is wide, so Tessa’s ability to step back and see the bigger picture means she’s always thinking long term and holistically.

After completing a BA in Media Communications and a BComm in Marketing at the University of Canterbury, Tessa has always had a love for considered brand strategy and creative direction, starting out in graphic design and content creation.

But a solid 7+ years in the City of London’s financial services industry leading the marketing department at a wealth management firm also developed Tessa’s appreciation for insight-based decision making. These days, she’s more likely to be found pouring over spreadsheets than InDesign but by no means is she all about the numbers. Instinct plays an incredibly important role in decision making, and Tessa’s tuned into this perfectly, balancing good information with instinct to land on solutions that feel right, and stack up.

That ability to balance logic with creativity is a skill we strive to build in all our learners, because our futures require a healthy blend of creative and critical thinking, to spark innovative ideas and solutions. We’re fortunate this comes naturally to Tessa and means she’s able to effortlessly take her stakeholders on a journey while being successful on purpose.

Her honest, curious yet unflappable nature mixed with a genuine passion to deliver marketing that makes sense is why Tessa is exactly the right person to be taking us on our own journey: to deliver the best experience we can for all our learners - past, present and future.

Joining The Mind Lab, Tech Futures Lab and Digital Boost may be a stark cultural contrast to her years with the suit and tie types of the City of London’s financial sector. But it’s a welcome one and we’re thrilled she chose us to recommence her life in Aotearoa New Zealand with.