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As an Alumni of The Mind Lab’s Master of Contemporary Education (MCE), Senga is now helping other educators reach their goals as the Postgraduate Facilitator for MCE.

Senga is a professional librarian with a particular interest in information literacy, critical thinking skills and the complexity of learning. Her super power is knowing what 796.333, 993.98, 641.86539 and 782.42166 stand for. Can you guess what it means?

Passionate about life-long learning, Senga believes it’s crucial to encourage others to continue learning through micro-credentials, which must be seen as important, relevant, practical and fun. Working closely with students and colleagues, she’s most looking forward to reaching her own potential and helping others to do the same.

Given the chance to meet someone, Senga would choose to chat with Isaac Newton; spending a day with him at the Mint in the Tower of London, his local coffeehouse, and then join him as his guest at a meeting of the Royal Society at Burlington House in Mayfair.