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As Programme Administrator, Nikko is highly motivated, hardworking, disciplined and eager to help academyEX students on their academic journey by supporting the Master of Change and Organisational Resilience (MCOR) and Leading Change (LCG) programmes in a range of administrative support tasks. 

Nikko believes that education can make a huge impact on a person's life. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from the University of Auckland, she has four years of experience as a Graphic Designer, specialising in Digital Marketing and UX/UI Design.

As technology evolves, Nikko believes it’s crucial to acknowledge the importance of what cannot be replicated by artificial intelligence: our unique human ability to experience emotion and empathy. She envisions a future where there will be a greater requirement to focus on our management skills, particularly in areas related to interpersonal dynamics and individual emotions.

With high levels of empathy herself, Nikko understands that everyone comes from different backgrounds and needs, which may prevent them from returning to education, making her the ideal fit to support students on their own individual academic journeys.

Always working towards growing her skillset, Nikko’s current goals include growing her interpersonal and soft skills, while simultaneously extending her networking circle to more people, so that she can continue to learn from different perspectives.

Her super power is brilliant and surprising: the ability to eat slowly, while also eating a lot. When two of her “burly” male friends couldn’t manage to conquer their similar portions, Nikko once devoured a sizable plate of sweet and sour pork, full of rice. Her friends are baffled to this day, and continue to tell the tale.