To be a successful leader, you need to be able to work in the minds of others which can be a tough challenge for someone who it doesn't come naturally to. Luckily, our Digital Marketing Lead Nicolas finds himself as natural a leader as they come. As part of his role, he contributes to the development of the Digital Marketing Strategy, leads and implements digital campaigns and manages day-to-day agency relationships. 

Nicolas has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration which he obtained from Universidad Externado De Colombia and has a Digital Marketing Diploma Level 7 obtained from NZIE. He also believes that the most important trend for the future of learning today is online and digital - but without accessibility to all in this realm, this will prove to be harder to implement. He is passionate about helping us at The Mind Lab and Tech Future Lab in achieving our goals in the digital space through his helpful advice plus the aid of his efficient project managing skills.

Nicolas' 15 minutes of fame is that he spoke on Colombian national television for a few minutes about crime back in the day when he was serving with the police - he's also a mastermind of manifesting amazing parking spots (you always want Nicolas in your passenger seat). We're so grateful to have Nicolas as part of The Mind Lab team and can't wait to see and learn from him everyday.

Connect with Nicolas on LinkedIn.