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A highly efficient communicator and master of multi-tasking, Nicola’s title doesn’t begin to cover how many areas of the business she is across. For one she’s responsible for the content on the Digital Boost platform, which she played a large role in launching early in 2021. She also assisted in the development of content for the short courses we offer on the Future Learn platform, and lastly she’s the lead for our marketing automation integration.

Nicola has an incredible ability to learn on the go, and doesn’t stop until everyone involved in a project or initiative is happy with the outcome. Her growth-mindset is perfectly suited to the constantly evolving environment at The Mind Lab, and combined with her Bachelor of Communication Studies from Auckland University of Technology she’s become an expert at driving projects forward and managing input from a variety of stakeholders.

With her role at the forefront of providing video content and ensuring everything we offer is practical and usable for our learners, Nicola predicts a vital future trend is experiential learning and doing the doing to learn. This is well and truly a trend we live and breathe at The Mind Lab, which is why Nicola is such a highly valued member of the team.

If she were to travel back in time, Nicola would choose to check in with her great great grandfather – Ernest Rutherford. He would definitely be proud of Nicola’s role in a field that’s making leaps and bounds for education, similar to his own work leading the way in the world of science. No doubt they’d discuss the role technology plays today!

Nicola’s life summed up in a song would be ‘Gold’ by Chet Faker, and her secret superpower is an ability to remember small things that may not always be significant… but stick around in her memory bank nonetheless! This ability is helpful when it comes to the multi-faceted projects Nicola is across, as some of those smaller details can make a huge difference to outcomes! 

Nicola can be trusted to take full responsibility for any project at The Mind Lab. If it’s a new process for her she’ll learn it, if there are a range of people to involve she’ll make sure they’re all across it, and we can truly breathe a sigh of relief when Nicola is at the helm as we know what needs to get done will get done, and done well.

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