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On paper Megan’s role is to assist and guide people through The Mind Lab’s application process, answer any curly questions along the way, and most importantly, ensure they are happy and in the right programme. 

In reality though, she’s getting to know each and every person that signs up for the programmes we offer. It’s what she describes as “aspiration keeping” – people share their dreams, their career aspirations, and they trust her with the ideas they’ve been carrying with them throughout their careers. It’s her background, her experience and her kind and caring nature that helps people open up and share. And when they share, Megan helps people discover what learning may help them leverage their skill set and move to the next step, because, as she strongly believes, life is too short for regrets.

Megan sees the structure and innovation of business models as a foundation for the future, as well as how this links into sustainability. She believes many companies will need to rethink their environmental footprint and how their products are made and used, as well as going back to their original ‘why’ to help them clarify their purpose.

Her 15 minutes of fame was chatting to Taylor Swift about chicken goujons (aka chicken tenders) backstage at a gig in Perth, while Taylor’s roadies scrambled to find their backstage passes. Sounds like an interesting yarn! When it comes to superpowers Megan is epic at making the most of time, especially being a working mum of two young kids. She’s also a pro at noticing things people have missed and thinking outside the box.

As a member of The Mind Lab team this thinking, combined with her natural energy and enthusiasm, means our learners are in safe hands and are not only guided through the enrolment process but come out better off, before they’ve even started the programme.

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