Maria is a postgraduate facilitator for our Digital & Collaborative Learning teacher programme, helping run the online sessions for our popular postgraduate certificate.

She guides our students throughout their learning journey, helping to cover the vast range of topics we teach in the weekly online sessions, and making sure our teachers are as equipped as they can be to take this learning in action.

Her research interests are language for specific purposes, testing and assessment which is backed by an MA in Applied Linguistics from University of Auckland. Managing to balance teaching and learning expertly, Maria is also about to submit a doctoral thesis in language testing, also through the University of Auckland.

Maria believes the future of education lies in somehow addressing technology equity in and across schools, which will help increase overall digital fluency in education, business, and throughout households and whānau of Aotearoa. She also sees huge potential in integrating AI into the development of personalised learning and buying / running a business.

Australian soprano, Joan Sutherland, is the historical figure Maria would most love to meet, and her 15 minutes of fame was when she fainted on the stage of Bayreuth in the final performance of Wagner's Götterdämmerung – a very impactful performance I’m sure!

In terms of secret superpowers, Maria can also exercise the multi-tasking abilities that come so handy in her role at The Mind Lab, on the foredeck of a yacht. She can bound across the deck in a single leap to change jibs, gennakers and spinnakers – and we see this agility in her role in the DCL team every day.