Makini Calliste-Woollard

Makini works across all things Salesforce and takes her positive, bubbly attitude with her in customising and managing Salesforce from all angles. She balances a variety of things at once working across everything to do with Salesforce so organisation is important to Makini in her daily life to keep everything running smoothly. 

In her earlier years, Makini was a tour guide at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria in Canada. She loves people and that connection of talking with someone about something that sparks passion; finding she's always ready to show someone around and stores a lot of useful info in her clever brain. 

She has lived across the globe with a special place for Canada in her heart where she lived in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver Island but is now located in Wellington. Makini also loves dance and would love to meet Frankie Manning to get some swing dancing tips. She loves the film "What a Way a Go!" for the dance breaks and sees a dance break as a marker of sorts for stages in her life. 

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