With over 14 years and counting of experience across an assortment of different countries, Juampa is both knowledgeable and skilled as our Head of Engineering. His role involves a lot of taking the reins and being a leader to others, guiding and showing the way - including defining project scopes and objectives, exercising knowledge on the full development lifecycle and thinking from a high-level architecture point of view or feature-level detail. Being the one to lead the way is important as a leader, but Juampa also sees the importance of working alongside teams as a mentor to help others grow and learn. 

He has worked on digital products across New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States of America as well as Uruguay so has a fully rounded understanding of what it means to work for and with digital products. Passion in all its forms is incredibly important to Juampa, because without passion there is no drive. Whether that be having a passion for the work or having compassion for the good of society and our environment. If he could meet one person, dead or alive, he would love to meet Nikola Tesla and have the ability to pick his brain on all things engineering. 

Keeping high energy and positivity is also important to Juampa. When others are under stress with deadlines and issues, he is always bringing both positivity and compassion to the situation to keep others passionate, driven and eased. We are so thankful to have Juampa's bright spirit and his world of knowledge as part of our team.

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