As the content creator and copywriter for Digital Boost, Jessica is our resident storyteller. With a love of both psychology and philosophy, you can often find her deep in thought with a coffee in hand. As a professional creative, her background ranges from training as both a chef and a classical pianist, to operating her own business, and these days now finding her voice as a writer. She says that though the medium has changed, people are still at the heart of everything she does.

In her role as content creator and copywriter for Digital Boost, you will find her voice behind much of the Checkable content, as well as Digital Boost’s social platforms.

When asked what she thinks the future will look like, Jessica believes that combining our lived experiences with our learned ones has the potential to bridge the educational and relational chasms society faces.

If given the opportunity to visit a historical figure, she can’t go past classical musician Victor Borge.

“Victor Borge was a fabulous classical musician, who understood the power of learning - continuing to upskill well into his 70's. Despite his skill level, he also knew how to have fun. His shows often featured him playing scores of music upside down, much to the delight of the audience. It seems to me that he'd cracked the code on what it meant to live life to the fullest.”

We couldn’t agree more.