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Jana is all about connection and collaboration. She knows that people are core to life and so everything for Jana is about finding ways to bring people to the fore. And that intent is what Jana uses to help her bring to life the values that academyEX hopes to convey.

Jana brings a background in media strategy, planning and buying to her role as Assistant Marketing Manager, after first gaining a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing & Commercial Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Politics, both from the University of Auckland.

In Marketing, media is all about meeting people in the right place, at the right time. It’s about being where they are, not where you want them to be. Jana’s experience and skillset in this space means she’s naturally empathetic when thinking about how to meet our past, present and future students where they are at.

When Jana thinks about the future, it's about people again. Technology for all its fandangled-ness is still a tool, and for Jana its one to be used to enable collaboration rather than be an end to it in itself. Culture and collaboration comes from people, so as we design new technology those end goals must always be the aim.

When she’s not supporting our Marketing Manager in all the varied marketing activities across The Mind Lab, Tech Futures Lab and Earth Futures Lab, Jana is either crafting beautiful meals (no recipes needed!) and garments or training for another half marathon. Her attention to detail serves her well in all of these endeavours. 

A bubbly warm nature means Jana’s a delight to work with, and her intuitive sense in understanding someone’s state of mind means she values working with a collaborative ethos at all times - and we totally value that!

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