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Jade Davies

Jade's role is formally known as Communications Manager where she works within the Digital Boost Platform.

She works with a team of talented copywriters who create both visual and written content for the platform - including videos, social media strategies and a range of different campaigns. Jade also works on sending out newsletters to approximately 50,000 people so entails an early plan of action with a lot of building and dissecting of the writing before hitting send.

Prior to this role Jade was based in the UK where she worked within a communications team for the European Commission. She has a Bachelor's degree in Political Science which she obtained from Victoria University of Wellington and also holds a Certificate in Multimedia Journalism from Whitireia Polytechnic

To be an excellent copywriter, you have to be able to see what works and what doesn't - Jade can do just that and more. The world of copywriting can be seen as problem solving and puzzle building in a way, with pieces fitting together to create a whole picture. She holds qualifications in journalism, proofreading and editing so finds that putting the picture together comes to her naturally at this point. To get to where she is now, she had to be available and open for all opportunities that came her way - being a 'yes person' in most situations is a great strength of Jade’s. We are incredibly lucky to have Jade as part of our team and find ourselves inspired by her work ethic, determination and ability to take a chance when it comes her way.

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