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Fee has an incredible ability to be deep in the detail while at the same time hovering over the wider landscape of the two organisations she oversees: The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab.

A self-confessed growth mindset advocate, her open-mindedness to adaptation, flexibility and change means any hurdles or obstacles are smoothly managed into a solution without fuss or major disruption. That attitude to be curious, to be creatively-led and be able to shift and maneuver sets the tone for the rest of the organisation. A growth mindset is certainly working for Fee and she’d recommend anyone try it - that ability to keep open is a crucial core skill for a future that will provide constant change.

Day to day, Fee is responsible for the strategic goals of The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab, ensuring they are woven into the tasks all staff do everyday. That includes recruiting the right people to bring into the organisations and ensuring staff are well supported to deliver value and care for our students. 

General Management is an all encompassing role and as such Fee works closely with all parts across the two organisations from academia to operations, marketing to student experience, always aligning initiatives with the overarching mission to ‘Create Impactful Futures’. For Fee, it is a true joy to be part of and lead an organisation that supports people to find their purpose in the work and study that they do.

This mission is realised by Fee through her ability to bring the business strategy back to the core teaching and learning strategy - Te Ara Kōtihi (the pathway to success). Fee is acutely aware of the significance kaupapa Māori contributes to the mission of The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab and has established a strong working relationship with local iwi Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei, who lead whakatau to welcome new students at the start of a new intake, and to give insight and consideration to kaupapa Māori through their learning journey.

Perhaps the demands of a busy work schedule, alongside being mama to one little lady (with a little brother on the way) plus keeping up personal development and networks, is why Fee believes her superpower is the ability to sleep anywhere - planes, trains, cars, merry-go-rounds (actually a true story). Amazingly, Fee always appears fresh and ready to take on whatever comes at her.

Academic achievements
  • Bachelor of Arts (University of Canterbury)

  • Diploma in Interior Decor (Ara, Institute of Canterbury, Christchurch)

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