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Charlie was once the friendly face greeting visitors as they arrived at academyEX HQ in Auckland, these days he's working in the Digital Boost team, as the Platform and Content Specialist. He helps to prepare, organise and upload case studies, Q&A videos and lots of other important collateral helping kiwi small businesses to digitise.

Charlie is also a huge part of the culture at academyEX and leads the Health & Wellbeing Committee. He also drives our sustainability initiatives across the organisation. He helps to create a safe and positive environment at our Lab through his optimistic and open attitude, and he’s always willing to step in and get his hands dirty, no matter what.

With a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in marketing, Charlie’s diverse knowledge means he always offers welcome input and ideas across the organisation. He sees the inclusion and integration of alternative perspectives and ways of thinking as an important part of the future of education, business and technology. He believes that in order to move forward, we must continue the process of decolonising education and thought, to cater for the diversity within our societies, and move away from the traditional ways of thinking which have limited progress in many areas.

If he could meet any historical figure Charlie would find it hard to choose between Ho Chi Minh and Jimi Hendrix, which really sums up his diverse interests! His chosen song would be “Don’t Worry Be Happy” which is a very apt description of how he makes all of us that work with him feel when we come to him with any problems we may have. Charlie is one of those people who is everywhere you need him to be (even if you didn’t ask him to be there), and someone you’re always keen to take the time to chat to, making him an epic and highly valued member of academyEX whānau.

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