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If you've been keeping up to date with the Digital Boost social media channels or Q&A sessions, chances are you'll find Anamari a familiar face. Her warm smile, vivacious laughter and welcoming tone makes the digital experts who join her for 1-1 live interviews feel right at home. But project managing and fronting the Q&As is just one aspect of her role. It also involves relationship cultivation and management with key stakeholders. Anamari also hosts the podcasts on the Digital Boost Live app and does a little work presenting in ads and educational bite-sized content for the site.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Anamari is her accent. It’s Kiwi with a noticeably American twist. Although she spent her childhood in both the US and Australia, the years she spent attending high school and University at NYU really solidified the American twang.

Her passion for people has taken her far and wide from the sandy beaches of New Zealand to the mountainous landscapes in Alaska. She loves the casual Kiwi culture and blends right in, except when the slang is so strong that she has to ask for a translation...

One thing that drew Anamari to Digital Boost and academyEX was our diverse team. We believe in the power of an inclusive and diverse workforce, and our people are an ode to that being from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. Anamari feels inclusion lies at the heart of workplaces in the future and we’re in full agreement.

In her spare time, you’ll find Anamari getting creative: whether that’s through sewing, pottery, painting or another medium. Working with her hands has long been an outlet for her, and we love having a true creative in our midst… who knows, maybe one day you’ll see her work on display and we’ll all be asking for autographs!