Amanda is a real people’s person. Bubbly and upbeat, with a quirky sense of humour, there’s nothing more she loves than helping people to find their buzz in life and be the best version of themselves. She sure is living it.

After a long stint with Spark New Zealand, working across customer-focused divisions and corporate clients, Amanda joined Tech Futures Lab in July 2021, attracted by the opportunity to make a difference by helping others find their purpose. Her energetic approachable personality makes her a magnet in the office, always up for ideating ways to support the overarching mission to ‘create impactful futures’.

Amanda is now one of the Digital Specialists in the Digital Boost team, helping guide small businesses on their digital journey.

She’s a sponge too, taking on any opportunity to learn and develop her own skills. In addition to guiding people into professional development, she’s also embarked on it herself, having completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Human Potential for the Digital Economy at Tech Futures Lab.

Amanda believes wholeheartedly in lifelong learning and more specifically in the potential for emerging disruptive technologies to change the world in positive ways. She’s acutely aware of the massive shifts occurring across all industries, sectors and roles but sees this as a leap forward, improving our collective intelligence to know more and do better with the advancements.

That’s why it makes total sense she’s here at academyEX, to help everyone she can to see the same for themselves.

For Amanda, living the best version of yourself isn’t only about work. It’s about chasing passion and experiences in life and for Amanda, one way is through snowboarding. Her 15 minutes of fame, well 15 seconds to be precise, involved trying a fancy new trick on her board, which she just managed to land - and caught on video. She shared the success with her friends on social media, to show the world it’s never too late to learn new things, no matter your age.

Academic qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts, Major in Psychology

  • Certificate in Small Business and Project Management

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Human Potential for the Digital Economy

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