Postgraduate Certificate in Connected Environments

Discover how to use the power of data and connected technologies to have impact in your industry and develop real time data visibility to lead change.

NZ$6,045inc GST
Postgraduate Certificate in Connected Environments (60 Credits)
Blended; online learning & face-to-face sessions

Outcomes and Pathways

What this course offers and how you will benefit

This Level 8 NZQA accredited (60 credits) postgraduate certificate in Connected Environments combines data, data ethics and technologies to give you the edge in your career. Develop deep practical knowledge on how to design better outcomes for people, place and planet.

This programme looks at Connected Environments through an Internet of Things (IoT) lens. IoT technology has shaped our world through smart connectivity and automation. IoT is the way everyday objects share data via the internet, sensors, processing technology and software. We can now see, hear and sense in nearly any environment – built or natural.

Now that we can track, measure and analyse data in real time, we must also consider how this impacts our communities and environment. This programme is your opportunity to design sustainable tech-enabled solutions that create better outcomes for today and the future.

This innovative 34-week programme was created in close consultation with leading experts and technologists. At the end, you’ll have an actionable strategic solution to drive better outcomes in your industry, organisation or community using connected technologies.

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The Connect Environments programme provided a really good way to understand how technology can be used in a circular economy to solve real world challenges - Connected Environments Graduate, September 2022

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Apply data insights and connected technologies strategically to drive better experiences and maximise positive impact

Connect with innovators, technologists and entrepreneurs who are immersed in the tech ecosystem

Identify the processes, ethical frameworks and governance models that support you to create sustainable IoT systems for your industry or practice

Apply hands-on experience of IoT devices, automation, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to your industry

My Journey:

Learn how Barry followed his passion to a more connected career and future.

Meet Barry Williams, a tech enthusiast and Operational Technology Manager at Douglas Pharmaceuticals. With his passion for technology, Barry was drawn to the company’s digitization journey, and wanting to upskill himself with the latest in the industry led him to the Postgraduate Certificate in Connected Environments from academyEX. The program opened up a whole new world of possibilities for Barry, from IoT to data analysis, sustainability, and circular economy. Barry proved that you are never too far away from your last formal education to start. The program is designed for people from all industries, and the academyEX team is here to guide you every step of the way. So, are you ready to embrace the future and join Barry in upskilling yourself with the Postgraduate Certificate in Connected Environments?


Where this could take you

Apply your technology knowledge in a innovative way to create positive change

Follow your passion

Lead a future-focused project involving Internet of Things and other technologies to have positive impact for yourself, your community or workplace

Boost your career

Apply the technical and business knowledge using an impact lense to have impact and refresh or design your role in your organisation to reflect your new skills

Continued learning


How this programme works

Incorporate sustainability into your world

Apply and Enrol

If you are ready to enrol, complete the online application form. We will be in touch to and provide all you need to know to get started on your journey to understanding the role of connected environments for positive impact.

Phase 1: CENV8001

Commercial application and feasibility of IoT solutions in Connected Environments Develop your knowledge of the multiple dimensions of connected environments, and evaluate how these environments could help address opportunities and challenges in your professional context. You will also learn about data analysis, governance and management and sustainability frameworks to provide a foundation for application in your practice.

Phase 2: CENV8002

Technology management and innovation adoption for IoT solutions in Connected Environments Build on your knowledge to critically engage with connected environments, and apply connected technologies (including the role of blockchain and AR/VR), data insight and visualisation, risk management and impact frameworks to strategically drive better experiences and maximise positive impact with your own connected environment project proposal. .

Follow up

Put your project into practice or further your knowledge with our Master of Technological Futures or Master of Change and Organisational Resilience

The Future is Connected

Are you curious about the Internet of Things and its potential to drive positive change? Do you want to learn more about how industry leaders are using IOT to make a difference in the world?

Join us for our Panel event where we'll explore the ways that IOT can be used for good, and its role in shaping the future.


What you need to know

Across the 34 weeks of the programme, a total time commitment of 16-20 hours per week comprising:

  • 2 hour weekly live-online sessions (except for weeks with full-day workshop)

  • Weekly applied, hands-on learning in your practice + additional preparation and collaboration work outside of this (roughly 14-16 hours per week)

  • Six full-day face-to-face workshops across the 34 weeks that can be attended face-to-face or online.

Note: The learning outcomes are the same whether you attend online or face-to-face, however those who choose to join us face-to-face will have the chance to connect in person with others on the programme, and academyEX team.

For further information, download our 2023 student prospectus.

There is one intake of this postgraduate certificate per year, starting in April in 2023.  For more details about key dates, download our 2023 student prospectus.

Applications close one week before the start date of the intake you are applying for. Please see Key Dates in our 2023 student prospectus for specific application close dates.  Applications may be accepted on a case-by-case basis after the application close date at the discretion of academyEX. Please contact if you applications are closed and you would like to apply.

  • The domestic tuition fee for this postgraduate certificate is $6,045 (incl GST).

  • The international tuition fee for international students studying in New Zealand is $16,599 (incl. GST).

  • The international tuition fee for international students outside of New Zealand is $10,825

academyEX offers a range of scholarships to support people to study and help to minimise barriers to learning. The following scholarships can be applied for, and cover 75% of the programme fees.

  • Tangata Whenua - for learners who identify as Māori 

  • Pacific Ako - for learners who identify as Pacific 

  • Taipakeke - for learners who are aged 60 years and over. 

  • Impact Scholarship - for learners who are positively impacting people, society and/or the planet.

Early Bird Discount: 

There is an Early Bird discount of 10% off the course fees for domestic students who apply 4 weeks before the start date of an intake, and 8 weeks before the start of an intake for international students. The discount will be applied to your invoice automatically through the enrolment process. 

Please note: Early Bird Discount and Scholarships cannot both be applied. If you receive a scholarship, the remaining amount payable will not be discounted with the early bird rate.

Find out more, including scholarship terms and conditions, by visiting our Scholarships page.

Yes, domestic students studying in New Zealand can apply for a StudyLink Student Loan for this programme. 

Check this StudyLink page for more details on how to apply.

Domestics students may also be eligible for Fees Free.

To be eligible to study on the Programme, applicants must meet the admission criteria. The high-level entry criteria as approved by NZQA are as follows:

  • Have a recognised bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional qualification or higher, and a minimum of two years work experience; OR

  • Have at least four years of professional experience in a relevant industry or community demonstrating equivalence or higher to the qualification stated above.

To make sure the postgraduate certificate is relevant to you and the right fit, you’ll be asked to supply a brief Statement of Intent. Interviews may also be required.

Evidence of English Language proficiency is also required for International Students.

For further information, including how to demonstrate equivalent professional experience, download our 2023 Student Prospectus

The Postgraduate Certificate in Connected Environments is for professionals who want to design connected technology solutions that have a positive impact on people and planet.

Even if you’re not a data expert or technical whizz, you will develop skills to create strategic and sustainable smart-tech solutions for your workplace, your community or a wider industry that you’re passionate about.

This programme is for people who:

  • Want to create value by using data insights better.

  • Can see opportunities to improve workplaces, community spaces and environments using connected technologies.

  • Want to unlock people’s creativity by handing over time-consuming processes to machines.

Yes, there is no expectation that those entering the postgraduate certificate will have technical experience. There will be parts of the programme that focus on the technical dimensions of connected environments and understanding how devices, sensors, networks and analysis tools work, to inform your reflections and understanding how how technology can be used for positive impact.

Absolutely. We’ve had loads of students do the course alongside family members, friends and colleagues. There are also opportunities to work collaboratively on assessments during the programme and work together on a project of interest. Learning is always better together!

We are very happy to help you to communicate the benefits of studying with academyEX to your employer. If you would like us to provide you with a letter of support or further information, please just ask.

Yes, almost all academyEX learners work full time while studying part time. If you want to study the Masters full-time, a full-time job is not possible. Learning and assessment are designed to be practical and linked to personal aspirations and projects. You will also be implementing your practice-based project in your workplace during Part 3.

This programme is available to study as an international student either via online distance learning or in-person in New Zealand with an appopriate visa. To find out more about studying with academyEX as an international student, and for programme fees, visit our International Students page.

In the lead up to the start of each intake, fully enrolled students will receive onboarding emails from the team, as well as access to platforms that will be used during your study. During the first session, whether online or in-person, the team will talk through what you can expect during the programme and answer any questions. 

International students learning onshore with us will also be required to attend a separate orientation session. Details will be provided during the application process.

Some of the classes in our postgraduate certificates are delivered on site at academyEX HQ in Auckland, New Zealand. We recommend these classes are attended in person, however, we also deliver all classes in a hybrid format so you can attend online if you are unable to travel to Auckland. Check the 2023 student prospectus for more details.

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