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Postgraduate Certificate in Human Potential for the Digital Economy

Find your potential in the digital economy. Discover how your career can be enhanced through deeper understanding of digital technologies and how emerging digital tools and processes are changing the future of how we work, live and connect.

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Blended: online learning and in-person sessions
NZQA accredited, level 8 (60 Credits)

Learning Outcomes

You will learn how to:

Drivers of change

Gain knowledge of the technological and social forces shaping our work and lives, in both a global and local context.

Leading through change

Develop capabilities to create, lead and implement change strategies for the workplace that respond to changing needs and expectations.

Planning for change

Apply practical skills using insight and foresight to plan amid constant change.

A toolkit to problem-solve

Learn how different tools and techniques can be applied to solve complex problems.

Develop a deeper understanding of the key levers and impacts of the digital economy and gain new perspectives and knowledge needed to thrive in the future of work. 

This Level 8 NZQA accredited (60 credits) postgraduate certificate will help you identify how digital technologies and societal shifts are transforming industries and changing what ‘value’ means for individuals, organisations and communities. 

Understand the difference between hindsight, insight and foresight to enable you to learn from the past, while planning for the future. Learn how new economic models and changing demographics are shaping the future of work and society. Explore how to respond and build knowledge and expertise that supports personal growth and the development of new insights.

The four courses of this programme are taught and assessed in an integrated way to reflect the complexity of change, the digital economy and enable learners to develop skills and capability to lead and navigate the future.

This study is so applicable to everyday life. It's current, forward-thinking, innovative and relevant, all at the same time. You really feel how the mix of new conversations supports better understanding and clarity for where we're headed.

Niqui Taylor, Postgraduate Certificate in Human Potential for the Digital Economy


Where this could take you

Apply your technology knowledge in a practical way to create innovative change

Follow your passion

Take your learning and apply to lead a future-focused project for your community or workplace that will enable effective navigation of the rise of the digital economy.

Boost your career

Refresh or redesign your role in your organisation to address change or step into a new career to reflect your aspirations and enable application of your learning.

Continue your impact

Don’t take OUR WORD FOR IT

Here’s what our students say

Janet Student Story

Feeling stuck in a cycle, I knew I needed a change to re-energize myself. Seeing a colleague's transformation after completing the Master's of Technological Futures course at Tech Futures lab intrigued me. The support I received was exceptional, and though the modules were challenging, they brought out the best in me and boosted my confidence. Breaking free from old patterns, I became an active voice and practitioner, making my work much more fulfilling.

Ashley Student Story

The Mind Lab played a significant role in my journey, as it allowed me to expand my skill set in the change space and incorporate mataranga Māori into my work. Their commitment to exploring and implementing indigenous paradigms truly appealed to me.


I was drawn to MBA programs but felt they didn't align with my goals. Then, I discovered Tech Futures Lab, and it felt like the perfect fit. The Master of Technological Futures course provided real-world experiences, and to my surprise, I possessed the academic skills needed to succeed, thanks to my training in the New Zealand Defense Force.

Natalie Allumni

The hands-on experience and practical approach of the courses were refreshing, making learning directly applicable to everyday life. Now, as a food tech teacher at Kelston Intermediate, I use these lessons to empower my students and enhance their learning experience. academyEX's Mind Lab has transformed my life, and I'm excited to inspire and guide the next generation to unlock their full potential.

Never doubt yourself because with the village around you and the right support, you can achieve anything. Working with the team and The Mind Lab was a collaborative and enriching experience that further amplified the impact of the project. academyEX provides the perfect environment to unleash your potential and make a real difference!

academyEX changed everything for me. I was a boy who failed in the New Zealand education system in thge 70's. The powerful tools I gained from the classroom have been invaluable. My favorite part of the learning experience was collaborating with a team of six people, learning together, and supporting each other along the way. It was truly empowering to help others on their journey.

academyEX is the best academic organisation I have ever been involved with after engaging with tertiary education opportunities in the UK & NZ in 43 years, so kudos to your team for the great mahi to produce such great courses run by such great people.

As the first in my generation to graduate, academyEX helped me overcome systemic challenges and become a testimony of what's possible. Embracing our differences, this community welcomed us with open arms. It's a place where crazy ideas are encouraged and experimentation is celebrated.

If you're looking for something hands-on, this is the place to be! The Postgraduate Certificate in Leading Change for Good goes beyond mere theory; it's about practical application and making a genuine impact.

The support from the team is unparalleled! Don't hesitate to take that first step with academyEX because you'll never be left to flounder on your own.

I've learned so much from academyEX! It has given me the fuel to share my learnings with the young women I work with. My project focused on digital learning and building online communities, and it was incredible to apply the insights from working with thousands of young women at GirlBoss New Zealand. Education is a powerful tool that boosts your capabilities to contribute to the community. academyEX has built my confidence in the work I do, and I encourage everyone out there to do the same.

academyEX provided the platform and support to pursue my mission with passion and purpose. My project at academyEX was particularly challenging, but it was also deeply meaningful to me.


Course outline

How this programme works

Incorporate technology into your world


Part 1: Drivers of Change and Impact.

Examine and evaluate the impact of the digital economy on your practice. Explore the role of digitalisation and adaptation, the complexity of societal shifts, and the importance of human potential to thrive in the future. Explore case studies in collaborative groups to learn lessons from organisations navigating change and disruption from the rise of the digital economy.


Part 2: Strategies for Change.

Building on your understanding of the impact of the digital economy, move forward to explore strategies used to address these impacts. Consider the role of emerging disruptive technologies and new skillsets to respond to change. You will develop a 'Theoretical but Actionable Plan' to advance an area of your practice or address a challenge faced in your organisation.


Put your project into practice or further your knowledge with our Master of Technological Futures or Master of Change and Organisational Resilience.

Key information

What you need to know (PC in HPDE Draft)

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